Christmas QR Codes Project 2013

On 5 August we put this on our website:

“Lots of ideas were exchanged at the most recent meeting of those involved in different forms of creative art which will form the basis of our telling the Christmas story from the perspective of different characters involved.


It is amazing how far we have come since initially brain storming the concept about 4 weeks ago.

Ideas will be finalised over the next couple of weeks .  We hope to then  be able to move to the next phase of  performing, recording, photographing in order to upload things onto the website which will sit behind the QR Codes.


Watch this space for more information and please keep praying for us as the project develops.”

We are delighted to tell you that the project was completed on 5 December 2013. Special thanks go to Nicola Turner who has masterminded the technical side of all this. Thanks also to Andy Turner who helped massively with recording, filming and editing.

Check out the new Christmas blog which contains the Christmas story, Vitalise fashion! We have asked many retailers and coffee shops in Wolverhampton City Centre to display our QR Code posters:


The QR Codes will take you to pages on the Christmas blog which contain the creative expression of the Christmas story which members of Vitalise have created.

Thank you so much to everyone who contributed – this is really a remarkable piece of work.



Happy Christmas!


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