3 – Tuesday Evening Prayer


Focus on God. Quietly express your love for Him.

Focus on yourself. Commit to God all that has happened during the day. Offer Him your thanks and praise for the good things; confess the mistakes you have made and receive his forgiveness.

As you breathe out, imagine letting go of any negative emotions or memories.

As you breathe in, imagine letting in the gentle breeze of God’s Spirit: all that is honourable, just, pure, pleasing and good.

Breathe out. Breathe in. Be Still.


When it seems appropriate, read the passage of scripture set for the day.

Reflect on what you have read. Give God time to speak to you.

Ask: what can I learn from this passage about God’s grace and how to live as a follower of Christ?


Loving God, forgive me if I have hurt, or failed, or disappointed anyone today. Forgive me if I have said, or done, or thought, unworthy things.

I ask you to: sustain me in the way of truth guide me in the path of peace, and infuse me with the values of your kingdom.

Give me, O Lord, a steadfast heart which no unworthy affection may drag downwards. Give me an unconquered heart which no tribulation can wear out. Give me a upright heart which no unworthy purpose may tempt aside. Bestow upon me also, O Lord my God, understanding to know you, diligence to seek you, wisdom to find you, and a faithfulness that may finally embrace you; through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Thomas Aquinas c 1225-74)

This evening I pray for: my own needs … the needs of others … the needs of people throughout the world …

I also pray for … [any other needs]

Light eternal, shine in my heart, power eternal, deliver me from evil: wisdom eternal, scatter the darkness of my ignorance. Grant that I may ever seek your face, with all my heart and soul and strength; and, in your infinite mercy, bring me at last to your holy presence, where I shall behold your glory and possess your promised joys. (Alcuin 735-804)


Be with us as we seek to follow in the footsteps of your Son. Grant us humility and prayerfulness that may attract many into your kingdom. Let our lives reflect the light of Christ and the hope of faith. In the name of your Son Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen


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