St Chad Clusters – Spiritual Companionship Groups

Members of Vitalise are encouarged to be members of a St Chad Cluster.

Which are small groups which meet in person or via social media or skype to encourage and support one another in living as disciples of Jesus. We ask ourselves three questions:

1. Have I spent time in Solitude with God this week?
2. Have I spent time Celebrating my faith and worshipping God this week?
3. How have I been motivated by my faith to Serve others?

The St Chad Clusters are an adaptation of the Community of St Chad Spiritual Companionship Groups which give structure to our dispersed community. They consist of small groups of people (usually 2 – 5 members) who commit themselves to meet regularly to encourage and support each other in their desire to become people deeply rooted in God and to grow in spiritual maturity.

What happens when the group meets?

When a Spiritual Companionship Group meets, each member in turn is given space to speak honestly about some aspect of their current Christian journey. Usually they will focus on one or more of the Rhythms of Grace. Before the meeting members are encouraged to read prayerfully through the Rhythms of Grace and reflect on these questions:

  • Which Rhythm has particularly brought you life?
  • Which Rhythm have you struggled with?
  • Is there anything ou need to change in order to follow the Rhythms more faithfully?
  • In what ways have the Rhythms enabled you to love God and to know God loves you?

The questions can be used as a focus during the meeting, when we suggest each person spends up to 15 minutes sharing their experience. They should not be interrupted. When they finish other group members may ask “open” questions that focus on the one who has shared, not on the experience of the one asking the questions. The keynote here is support and encouragement, but it is possible that this will sometimes include an element of challenge. It is usual at the end of each meeting for each member to choose some specific task to work at in the days leading up to the next meeting

Commitment and confidentiality

These are crucial elements. Each meeting should be arranged at a time when every member can be present, unless some emergency occurs to prevent them. What is said in the group meeting must remain totally confidential to members of the Group.

How Often Do Groups Meet ?

That depends on the group. For some it will be monthly, for others bi-monthly, the important thing is that people commit to turn up to support one another and make every effort to attend meetings.

Will it be ongoing?

Many people prefer to join a group with agreed beginning and ending dates. Having an ending date gives those who need to leave the group a comfortable way of doing so. Usually the group will want to continue, perhaps with the addition of some new member whose presence is acceptable to the remaining members. At least once a year the group will review its progress and agree the way forward.

Who should lead?

The simplest way is to share the leadership role equally around the group. During the meeting the leader will ensure that the members stay on task and that everyone has an equal opportunity for sharing. The leader for each meeting will be responsible for choosing a venue for the meeting. A key factor when choosing the venue is the provision of uninterrupted space.

What Happens Next ?

For more information please email Deborah


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